Archive 2011

Pericles (The Black Rep, January 5-30)

The Fall of Heaven (The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, January 5-30)

Cooking With Elisa (Upstream Theater, January 7-23)

The Giver (Metro Theatre Company, January 7-23)

The Year of Magical Thinking (The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, January 12-30)

Shadowlands (Mustard Seed Theatre, January 27-February 13)

The Price (Avalon Theatre Company, February 3-13)

The Memory of Water (West End Players Guild, February 4-13)

Macbeth (The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, February 9-March 6)

Ruined (The Black Rep, February 9-March 6)

Sirens (The New Jewish Theatre, February 16-March 6)

Closer (St. Louis Actors’ Guild, February 11-27)

Round and Round the Garden (Black Cat Theatre, February 11-26)

Shakespeare Festival Education Tour

February 22-May 13

sfstl_shrew_in_a_few_picShrew in a Few offers a rowdy, robust and rollicking road to true love.  Of course conceited Petruchio and fiery Kate get married, but that only begins their tumultuous journey toward eventual romance and mutual esteem.  One of Shakespeare’s earliest and most beloved comedies, Shrew offers us much to consider about marriage, the equality of men and women and the complexity of family relationships.  This artful “in a few” 50-minute adaptation is 98% Shakespeare’s text, delightfully bridged with poetic transitions to clarify the plot, themes and characters.


Shakespeare Festival Education Tour

February 22-May 13

sfstl_cruel_to_be_kind_pic“Cruel to be Kind?’ brimming with wit and mirth, imagines Shakespeare composing his great comedy “As You Like It.” From the viewpoint of two apprentices, a famous clown, a young maid with designs for public acting, the irrepressible boarding house owner “Mrs. Bundle” and Shakespeare himself, a play is born.  This smart fantasy about the origins of “As You Like It”—a play that opens with a scene of bullying—illuminates a pressing contemporary issue in a way that young people, family audiences, and anyone with an interest in Shakespeare will enjoy.

Muddy Waters Theatre

March 4-20

baltimore_waltz_graphicAnn learns that ATD is fatal, she decides to travel to Europe with her brother Carl, who speaks several languages fluently, and who also carries a toy bunny everywhere he goes. The disease is a parody of AIDS, but Vogel is not making light of the disease. On the contrary, by creating an comical, imaginary illness (which the sister contracts instead of the brother) Ann/Paula is able to temporarily escape from reality.

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

March 9-27

In_The_Next_Room_graphicAt the dawn of the age of electricity, Dr. Givings has found a remarkable new invention for what at the time was called “hysteria.” As his young wife listens in the next room, the doctor treats his patients to a brand new experience, stimulating thoughts and feelings long dormant in stifled Victorian society and his own marriage. Fascinatingly funny and elegantly evocative, Sarah Ruhl immerses us in an exploration of traditional values and secret desires. 2010 Tony Award nominee for Best Play.

Citilites Theatre

March 10-27

citilites_southern_baptist_sissies_logo_2From the author of Sordid Lives, comes a funny yet touching  examination of sexuality and religion.We follow four boys as they grow up gay in a Texas Baptist church and struggle with what they know is right versus what the church tells them is right. The cast features Kevin Kline Award nominees Drew Pannebecker (Equus) and Alice Kinsella (Johnny Appleweed) as well as Michael Shreves (a.k.a. "Michelle McCausland") and other local favorites.


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