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Shrew in a Few

Shakespeare Festival Education Tour

February 22-May 13

sfstl_shrew_in_a_few_picShrew in a Few offers a rowdy, robust and rollicking road to true love.  Of course conceited Petruchio and fiery Kate get married, but that only begins their tumultuous journey toward eventual romance and mutual esteem.  One of Shakespeare’s earliest and most beloved comedies, Shrew offers us much to consider about marriage, the equality of men and women and the complexity of family relationships.  This artful “in a few” 50-minute adaptation is 98% Shakespeare’s text, delightfully bridged with poetic transitions to clarify the plot, themes and characters.


Performance Dates and Times: Touring Season: Feb 22-May 13

2011 Public Performances are listed on our web site:

Box Office Phone Number: Call Christopher Limber at SFSTL 314-531-9800 ext. 109 for school schedule.

Ticket Price Range: Free


Venue: Various School and Public Touring Venues

Parking: various

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