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Cruel to be Kind?

Shakespeare Festival Education Tour

February 22-May 13

sfstl_cruel_to_be_kind_pic“Cruel to be Kind?’ brimming with wit and mirth, imagines Shakespeare composing his great comedy “As You Like It.” From the viewpoint of two apprentices, a famous clown, a young maid with designs for public acting, the irrepressible boarding house owner “Mrs. Bundle” and Shakespeare himself, a play is born.  This smart fantasy about the origins of “As You Like It”—a play that opens with a scene of bullying—illuminates a pressing contemporary issue in a way that young people, family audiences, and anyone with an interest in Shakespeare will enjoy.

Performance Dates and Times: Touring Season: Feb 22-May 13

2011 Public Performances are listed on our web site:

Box Office Phone Number: Call Christopher Limber at SFSTL 314-531-9800 ext. 109 for school schedule.

Ticket Price Range: Free


Venue: Various School and Public Touring Venues

Parking: various

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