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The Baltimore Waltz

Muddy Waters Theatre

March 4-20

baltimore_waltz_graphicAnn learns that ATD is fatal, she decides to travel to Europe with her brother Carl, who speaks several languages fluently, and who also carries a toy bunny everywhere he goes. The disease is a parody of AIDS, but Vogel is not making light of the disease. On the contrary, by creating an comical, imaginary illness (which the sister contracts instead of the brother) Ann/Paula is able to temporarily escape from reality.

Performances: March 4-20, (times?)Thursdays-Saturdays @8pm, Sundays @2pm
Box Office: 314 799 8399
Ticket Prices: $20-25
Venue:The Kranzberg Arts Center in the Big Brother Big Sisters Building in Grand Center at the corner of Grand and Olive; a half block South of the Fox. The theatre address is 501 North Grand St. Louis, MO 63103-1006.
Parking:: There is a lot of parking around the Kranzberg. You can view a larger version of the parking map to help determine where you'd like to park in advance. If you have purchased tickets for a show, you may download a parking voucher for $5 parking at the Scottish Rite parking garage, right across the street from the Kranzberg. MARCH 11 AND 12 ONLY. NEWS! NO PARKING METER ENFORCEMENT AFTER 7PM. JUST LEAVE YOUR QUARTERS AT HOME. PARKING IS AVAILABLE ON THE STREET.

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