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Triangle Productions at the Ivory Theatre

April 7-17

ivory_triangle_AD_musicalA.D. The Musical” gives audiences of all ages the inspirational message of God’s love in an entertaining and enlightening way. More than 20 songs in this “play-within-a-play” help weave a colorful story about some of the people who encountered Jesus during his life on Earth.  This lighthearted but moving musical tells the story of Morty, a new Angel, who is sent back down to Earth with the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, to produce a musical revue that reminds people of Jesus’ love for them. Along the way, they cast a varied group of actors to portray the characters in Jesus’ life, and the cast learns much about themselves and Jesus’ purpose for their lives.

Mustard Seed Theatre

April 14-May 1

mustard_seed_till_we_have_faces_graphicA trio of sisters explore the true meaning of love and beauty in this adaptation of a C.S. Lewis novel. Journey with Queen Orual, who must battle with swords, with words and with actions as she tries to defy and understand the gods that seem to rule and ruin her life.  

The New Jewish Theatre

April 20-May 8

new_jewish_awake_and_sing_graphicWar looms across the ocean, anti-Semitism is on the rise, capitalism is corrupt, the American economy is shaken to its roots, immigrants areuneasy and the family unit is in upheaval – with issues as relevant today as when it first premiered in 1935, this masterpiece by Odets is gritty, passionate, funny and heartbreaking. Set in a Bronx tenement during the Great Depression, the Bergers, a working-class Jewish family helmed by Matriarch Bessie, desperately cope with their financial hardships while clinging to dreams of a brighter future.  The tale grabs you by the collar and reminds you of the price of materialism, of an inhuman society. A masterpiece of American drama, The Wall Street Journal heralds it as “One of the greatest of all American plays.”

The Black Rep

April 20-May 15

black_rep_black_pearl_sings_graphicJailed in a Texas prison, Alberta “Pearl” Johnson has little hope for release and even less for reconnecting with her missing daughter. That is until Susannah Mullally, a song collector on a mission to record pieces of African-American culture, overhears Pearl singing while on a visit to the prison. Through her music, Pearl has the unexpected opportunity to earn her freedom and search for her daughter. This work harnesses race relations and the rich oral history of the African-American community to build a tale that is funny, touching, and compelling.

Avalon Theatre Company

April 28-May 8

avalon_agnes_of_god_graphicA psychiatrist is appointed by the court to determine whether or not a seemingly innocent young nun, Sister Agnes, is mentally competent to stand trial for the death of an infant whose body was mysteriously found in her room at the convent. The convent's Mother Superior is determined to protect Agnes. What is the real truth - was there a murder or a miracle? The answers change the doctor's life, and the lives of the two women of faith, forever.

HotCity Theatre

April 29-May 14

hotcity_intelligent_life_graphicSet in the basement of a tenant house in Utah, "Intelligent Life" tells the farcical tale of extraterrestrial, peyote-driven enthusiasts, self-titled "Utah Alien Chasers." This ramshackle group discovers a mud-stained little boy in a dinosaur costume who may or may not be an alien. What is certain is that the boy has a genius level IQ and telekinetic powers that are beyond this world!

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