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St. Louis Actors’ Studio

June 3-19

stlas_just_desserts_graphicA world premiere evening of one-acts and and monologues for Mature Audiences Only!

Insight Theatre Company

June 9-19

insight_beckys_new_car_graphicInsight’s production of Becky’s New Car will feature Susie Wall in the starring role of Dietz’s heroine, Becky Foster, who leads a typical working class life with her roofer husband Joe (Jerry Russo). Becky is committed to her dull, stale marriage but overly devoted to her job at a local car dealership. When millionaire Walter Flood (John Contini), appears at the dealership one day and assumes her to be widowed—and she doesn’t correct him—Becky begins to lead a double life that soon spins out of control.

The Black Rep

May 25-June 26 

black_rep_montford_point_marine_graphicThe day of July 10th, 1993 marks a special moment for Robert Charles Wilson. 50 years ago he enlisted to become a Marine at Montford Point. He proudly served his country In WWII at Iwo Jima and after exiting the service trained as a classical opera singer. But his only shortcoming in life was separating from his wife, Gwen, when she refused to chase his dream of becoming a famous singer. With their only son R.C. in town to celebrate the anniversary of his father's enlistment, this day brings a wave of memories back Robert, along with a few unexpected turns in this World Premiere theatre event.

Muddy Waters Theatre Company

June 10-26

muddy_waters_mineola_twins_graphicA bouncy romp through three decades of American feminism by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel.


June 10-26

act_inc_logo_smallBased on the lives of the Barrymores, we see three generations of this acting family. Surprisingly modern, much of the action centers on young Gwen deciding whether to forsake the stage for a normal family life. Matriarch Fanny is aghast at this, as well as at son Tony, who has left the stage for Hollywood. Witty, funny & lively, you’ll love this soap opera that is--The Royal Family


June 20-26

muny_legally_blonde_graphicLegally Blonde follows the brilliant career of Elle Woods, the blonde sorority sister who decides to go to Harvard Law school to prove how “serious” she really is. Packing up her pink computer and her tastefully accessorized toy Chihuahua, she heads east to redesign some tacky ivory towers, make new friends and win her very first murder trial. A snappy, snappy, sassy evening of musical fun!

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