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Citilites Theatre

July 7-24

citilites_crumple_zone_graphicThis hilarious Off-Broadway hit originally starred Mario Cantone as Terry, an out-of-work actor who can't keep a job or get a date. He sits around his Staten Island apartment swilling cheap vodka and playing referee to a messy love triangle during a very frantic holiday weekend. Marsha Hollander Parker directs Keith Thompson, who stars alongside Troy Turnipseed, Antonio Rodriguez, Seth Ward Pyatt, and Devin Przygoda.

Citilites Theatre

July 8-23

citiilites_songs_unmade_bed_graphicCome see what's under the sheets when CITILITES launches its new LateNite series with a unique hour-long urban song-cycle. Justin Ivan Brown stars as a wry, sentimental, resilient and ultimately romantic New Yorker who is propelled through the heartaches and triumphs of love in this delicious LateNite cocktail. The funny, poignant and hopeful piece about love is 3 parts intense emotion, 2 parts reflective humor, and 1 part campy fun. 


July 18-24

muny_singin_in_rain_graphicA man. A lamppost. An umbrella. Perhaps one of the most elegant and memorable musical moments of all time, and it’s in Singin’ in the Rain! The talkies are nudging out the silent movies, and screen idol Don Lockwood and his spoiled co-star Lina Lamont are struggling to make the transition. Don’s romance with the lovely and talented Kathy Selden only complicates thing further, and the result? Musical heaven! Sprinkled with tunes such as Make ‘Em Laugh, Good Mornin’ and the timeless Singin’ in the Rain, this is the “Muny must-see” of 2011!

Insight Theatre Company

July 21-31

insight_shipwrecked_graphicPulitzer Prize-winning playwright Donald Margulies offers up a fantastic adventure tale based on the true story of a nineteenth century celebrity, Louis de Rougemont After a nearly thirty year sojourn at sea and among the Australian aborigines, Mr. de Rougemont arrived in London in 1898 and won immediate notoriety when his tale was published in Wide World magazine. He became friends with Queen Victoria and was immortalized in wax by Madame Tossauds, but his fame was short-lived when it became apparent that much of his story was a fabrication.


July 25-31

muny_little_shop_horrors_graphicFrom the garden of unearthly delights, The Muny proudly presents LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! A true classic of camp comedy, this is the musical that’s sure to grow on you! Musical team Ashman & Menken created the backbeat for the skid row world of Seymour Krelbourn; the love of his life, Audrey; and a blood sucking succulent bent on world domination. A blooming score includes Somewhere That’s Green, Grow For Me and Suddenly Seymour. Enjoy! But whatever you do…don’t feed the plant!

The Muny

August 1-7

muny_seven_brides_seve_brothers_graphicFrom August 1 through August 7, the brawling, rollicking Johnny Mercer musical, SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS struts across the Muny Stage! Backswoodsman Adam Pontipee swaggers down from his mountain to find himself a bride from town. It’s love at first sight for Millie, a sweet and sassy gal who happily marries him and heads back up the mountain for an idyllic life with Adam. And his six brothers? Add six abductions of six town beauties, an avalanche and a long, long winter for one of the greatest dance shows of the summer! The foot stompin’ score includes Bless Yore Beautiful Hide, Goin’ Cotin’, and Sobbin’ Women.

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