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The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

January 4-29

rep_sunday_park_george_graphicShimmering with love and light, this unique, inventive musical is one of the most acclaimed shows of our time. Inspired by the life and work of enigmatic 19th century impressionist painter Georges Seurat, this Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece explores the complexity of life and the art of understanding it. Stephen Sondheim’s soaring score and insightful lyrics intertwine with Seurat’s distinctive art to create a moving, poetic drama, dot by dot.

Metro Theater Company

January 10-29

metro_battledrum_graphicThe Civil War comes into sharp focus in this exciting musical play set in 1863. Three young boys are at the center of the story: Jackson, a drummer in the Union army; Rufus, a southern boy orphaned by the war; and George Washington, an African American making his way to freedom on the Underground Railroad.  With lively action, rich music, evocative costumes, and just the right amount of humor, BATTLEDRUM offers young people a compelling point of entry into the complexities of the war that divided our nation. The production climaxes with a stirring drum line performed by the entire cast.

The Black Rep

January 4-February 5

black_rep_on_golden_pond_graphicEvery summer, Norman and Ethel Thayer visit their home in Maine on a lake called Golden Pond.  During what may be their last summer there, their daughter (long estranged from Norman) shows up with her new stepson.  As father and daughter struggle to reconcile, and Norman and his new stepgrandson forge a new relationship, the laughter and tears follow.

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

January 18-February 5

rep_steady_rain_graphicWhen they responded to a routine call, two Chicago cops never imagined that their lives would soon be changed forever. Longtime partners and best friends, Joey and Denny always have each other’s backs—until an unfortunate decision tests their loyalty and pits one against the other. A harrowing story of guilt, fear and corruption, A Steady Rain puts friendship to the ultimate test in the face of unthinkable adversity.

HotCity Theatre

January 20-February 4

hotcity_oleanna_graphicDid he or didn't he? As if straight from the Herman Cain scandal, Oleanna is a seething investigation into the ever-present mechanisms of power, harassment, and abuse. Mamet's rapid-fire drama exposes the so-called “mixed messages" between a fledgling college student and her professor, where the seemingly innocent nuance of their first encounter is twisted and every word becomes a weapon.

The New Jewish Theatre

January 26-February 12

njt_way_to_heaven_graphicJuan Mayorga’s hauntingly gripping and profoundly moving play is inspired by the elaborate deception that took place at the Theresienstadt concentration camp, where the Nazis constructed a “model village” to fool international inspectors, quell extermination rumors and to prove to the world how thoughtfully and creatively they were solving the “Jewish problem.” The play begins years after the fact with an account by the Red Cross employee who journeyed to our “fictional” camp to inspect it, then leaps backward in time to show the creation and rehearsal of another very unusual play, one in which the Jewish prisoners are assigned roles and given lines to say to any Red Cross inspectors passing by. The inspector arrives with questions regarding all the rumors. Surely he will be able to see the truth with his own eyes. Or will he?  Mayorga’s startlingly original play asks, how much courage is required to take responsibility for what one sees.

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